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  • At Orange we believe in being happy and sharing this happiness by going a little bit further to make sure you are too. It is our mission to deliver amazing experiences.

    India is a land of many moods and myriad hues, a land with a glorious past embracing the modern, presenting a beautiful kaleidoscope for the discerning traveller. Its majestic forts, grand palaces and intricately sculpted temples invite you to immerse yourself in the wonder that is India. Take in its magnificent landscapes, towering snow capped mountains, shimmering blue seas and jungles echoing with the roar of the tiger. Soak up the atmosphere of its bustling cities and  crowded bazaars. 

    Nepal, the little Himalayan kingdom is fairy tale land with enviable weather, rich heritage and a landscape to offer everything for everyone from all walks of life. While most societies and cultures change incredibly one may be dazed to see Bhutan’s originality. 

    Set in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is the tropical island nation where the original soul of Buddhism flourished and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and un-spoilt.From  exquisite beaches to animal safaris with an array of magical experiences, Sri Lanka has it all.   
    We ceremoniously welcome you to re discover royalty with us.

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